The Real Travel MVP’s

Have you ever considered packing along your entire makeup collection to travel on the plane with because you can’t simply live with missing pieces in your routine?

Been there, done that!

In the On-The-Fly Favorites section at Sephora (i.e. cash wrap and travel sized goodies galore), you can find nifty little things that can save your makeup routine while living the minimal life away from home.

Check out of of these new travel-friendly heroes after the jump!

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On-the-Go Eyes

Whether from day to night, work to play, you’re bound to have a complete eyeshadow look with this new WORK, WEEKEND, WOW™ READY® Eyeshadow Palette from bareminerals.

(image from Sephora’s website)

What’s your current go-to for on-the-go makeup?