New Givenchy Teint Couture Launches

I’m a big user of Givenchy products, so these are a must try for me! Keep on reading to see what’s new!

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New Innovative Concealers Round-Up

We’ve all heard of skinny wand tip concealers, hybrid whipped gel and all of that. Now let’s see three new concealers in the market that make them different from the rest!

Keep on reading to see which three made the list!

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Better late than never! I’ve been sticking to the same base makeup for weeks on end, so I can easily say that it’s one of my HG face makeup must-haves. And with my oily skin, I find myself reaching for something other than powder blushes! I’m talking about a CREAM blush that is absolutely beautiful on all skin types, perfect for the summer and hot weather.

Keep on reading to find out what my monthly favorites are for the month of June!

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