The Real Travel MVP’s

Have you ever considered packing along your entire makeup collection to travel on the plane with because you can’t simply live with missing pieces in your routine?

Been there, done that!

In the On-The-Fly Favorites section at Sephora (i.e. cash wrap and travel sized goodies galore), you can find nifty little things that can save your makeup routine while living the minimal life away from home.

Check out of of these new travel-friendly heroes after the jump!

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Addicted to Fluid Shadows

Jump on the fluid shadow bandwagon! This time, introducing: Dior Addict Fluid Shadow ($32) in 6 different shade options. These are perfect for an all-over-lid look, or even as a base for another eyeshadow. I love how brands are coming out with these versatile little things, and it pains me that I can’t collect them all (over $30 a pop, wow!). Maybe over time.

large image view

(image from Bloomingdales’ website.)

What are your thoughts on liquid shadows? Let me know in the comments below!



Better late than never! I’ve been sticking to the same base makeup for weeks on end, so I can easily say that it’s one of my HG face makeup must-haves. And with my oily skin, I find myself reaching for something other than powder blushes! I’m talking about a CREAM blush that is absolutely beautiful on all skin types, perfect for the summer and hot weather.

Keep on reading to find out what my monthly favorites are for the month of June!

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Another Reason to be a NARSissist

Admit it, we lust for those NARS palettes each season. With gorgeous color combinations and that exceptional packaging, NARS doesn’t disappoint, again, with a new launch of the NARSissist Day & Night Series Eye Palette ($65).
The palette contains a mix of matte and shimmer eyeshadows and a mini Night Clubbing Night Series Eyeliner. Have your eye look go from day-to-night in this eye palette!

Available now on for VIB & VIB Rouge.

(image from Sephora’s website.)

hakuho-do + SEPHORA PRO

Yes, news like this always sends me in a mini heart attack and heavy, frantic breathing – BUT NO WORRIES, as this is perfectly normal behavior! Take the legendary Hakuhodo brushes, artisan and hand crafted in Japan, pair them with trendy Sephora, and what do you get? A real collab that’s bound to break the internet of the beauty world.

Jump on it, let me know what you think! Available exclusive for VIB & VIB Rouge on Sephora’s website at this time.

Above image from Sephora’s website as well.

Sets to Impress!

Who doesn’t love a good value? Check out these new makeup sets, available at Sephora. VIB Rouge and VIB members get first dibs!

Bobbi Brown Nude Basics ($80)

Kat Von D Chrysalis Palette Set ($65)

Tarte Full Face of Gorgeous Color Collection ($49)

Tarte Sculpt & Glow Radiant Essentials ($59)