The Real Travel MVP’s

Have you ever considered packing along your entire makeup collection to travel on the plane with because you can’t simply live with missing pieces in your routine?

Been there, done that!

In the On-The-Fly Favorites section at Sephora (i.e. cash wrap and travel sized goodies galore), you can find nifty little things that can save your makeup routine while living the minimal life away from home.

Check out of of these new travel-friendly heroes after the jump!

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Better late than never! I’ve been sticking to the same base makeup for weeks on end, so I can easily say that it’s one of my HG face makeup must-haves. And with my oily skin, I find myself reaching for something other than powder blushes! I’m talking about a CREAM blush that is absolutely beautiful on all skin types, perfect for the summer and hot weather.

Keep on reading to find out what my monthly favorites are for the month of June!

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Make ’em GEL-ous!

Introducing a new addition to the SEPHORA COLLECTION brand, the Bright Future Gel Serum Concealer! Not only does this lightweight, gel-serum like concealer cover up those undereyes, but it contains pineapple ceramide to help improve skin texture and add additional brightness. Now THAT’S multi-tasking!

I’m seeing more and more brands come out with their own lightweight but oh-so-intensely-pigmented products, and Sephora’s own line is no exception!

Comes in 20 shades, $14 for 0.14 oz each.

(image from Sephora’s website.)

How do you feel about the SEPHORA COLLECTION brand? Let me know in the comments below!

Get Better RE(MARC)ABLE Full Coverage!

If you enjoyed the Genius Gel Super–Charged Oil–Free Foundation but wanted more coverage, and liked the Re(Marc)able Full Cover Concealer but wanted it to be lighter, boy do I have some news for you! Call it a hybrid between the two, but the new RE(MARC)ABLE FULL COVERAGE FOUNDATION CONCENTRATE by Marc Jacobs Beauty may just be what you’re looking for!

Long-lasting, pigmented, oil-free & a smooth, matte finish. This sounds like a dream come true, am I right, my combo/oily skin friends?

Available in 22 shades, $55 for each 0.75 oz bottle.

(images from Sephora’s website.)

What do you think? Marc Jacobs Beauty, yay or nay? Let me know in the comments below!

Latest Inventions: MAKE UP FOR EVER EDITION!

I don’t know about you, but I always want my skin to look extremely natural, even with makeup! I’ve had good luck with MAKE UP FOR EVER’s HD Foundation, as it totally fills in pores and creates such a smooth and even finish for photos. But.. something NEW and BETTER than that?!

Introducing the Ultra HD Invisible Cover Foundation! Formulated to work with 4k technology, this foundation was designed for those on TV and film to have their skin look exceptionally flawless under those 4k lens. Now, we can achieve the same look With 40 shades to choose from, at a reasonable $43 a bottle, we can look perfectly polished every single day.

(image from Sephora’s website.)

What do you think? The idea of having a foundation look skin-like under those scary 4k lens seems intense!