Eyes on Yves Saint Laurent

Most of the new collections that brands have been coming out with usually have a brow and liner product. But I’m not complaining! Those are two of my favorite things.

This time, YSL is no exception either. With beautiful, attractive packaging, it makes you want to buy everything that’s being released! Let’s be real, do I really need another tinted brow gel? Or a translucent face powder? ….. this is purely rhetorical.

Grab these new beauties at Nordstrom.


Catching Up with CLINIQUE

Complete your eye look with these new essentials from Clinique! I’m all about perfect brows, liner and a whole lotta lash. What are your go-to products to complete your eyes?

Chubby Lash Fattening Mascara ($17), 5 shade options.

Just Browsing Brush-On Styling Mousse ($16.50), 4 shade options.

Pretty Easy Liquid Eyelining Pen ($19.50), 1 shade option.

Skinny Stick ($16.50), 7 shade options.

(images from Sephora’s website.)