♥ Love Lolita ♥

Lolita fashion consists of Victorian inspired frilly dresses, ranging from innocent white to the darkest black, depending on whether the personality is Princess, Gothic, or anything else. Bloomers and knee-high socks are commonly worn, and when topped off with a coat, the overall look displays girliness and youthfulness.

Read more to see how you can achieve this style!

(image from Alexendra from buzznet)

The main focus: the dress. AngelicPretty and BABY,THE STARS SHINE BRIGHT are popular brands that carry beautiful lolita dresses and apparel, from princess to everyday-wear ones that you can purchase. However, these are quite expensive and worth an investment. But in the end, you are getting extremely high quality and a uniqueness that cannot be copied anywhere! You can even draw inspiration from the streets of Japan, such as Takeshita Street in Harajuku. Many cosplayers and people in different style tribes roam around there, not to mention there are cool shops that you can purchase from.

You want to go for that girly, doll-like look, so avoid anything harsh and revealing. Poofy skirts are a must, and so are stockings or knee high socks. Nothing screams an adorable doll than a well coordinated outfit and matching bonnet or hair accessory and makeup. The patterns can be floral, plain or even anything that you want to show off your style and personality to the world.There are no limits and endless possibilities in the world of lolita.

(image from KERA magazine)

Makeup is done with a slightly heavy hand, emphasizing on bright pink, innocent flushed cheeks and a whole lotta lashes and eyeliner. But the makeup can still be kept looking natural by sticking with neutral eyeshadows and lips. The girls go for porcelain skin that is smooth and blemish and dark spot free. Depending on the look you are going for, the only major changes in altering your lolita style makeup look is soley on the eyeliner, lip color and the thickness of false eyelashes. There are hundreds of brands of false eyelashes in Japan, and you are guaranteed to find one that suits your needs. If not, there is always the option of stacking falsies together as you wish.For any hair length and style, you can achieve the lolita look by having smooth and perfect doll-like hair. There are entire magazines dedicated to lolita fashion and consist of pages upon pages of makeup and hair spreads and tutorials!

(images from TokyoFashion)

Overall, the look is perfect for all seasons, but especially for the spring! It can be a wild look, so if you’re not one that wants attention or to look like a live doll, then this may not be for you. If this style interests you, there are usually lolita meets at parks and Japanese cafes where you can catch a glimpse of their fashion and accessories, and to even have a nice conversation with them about something that they are extremely passionate about.

It’s always fun to venture into something that’s sometimes outside of our comfort zone. Have you tried your own lolita look?Let me know in the comments below!


2 thoughts on “♥ Love Lolita ♥

  1. Very different, very out there, but still very cool! I totally admire the women who would go all out on this look, but I could also see myself throwing in a few Lolita touches to my current look!


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