Crazy Bag Lady

Since Laguna Moon’s cat clutch, cute statement bags in all shapes and sizes have become extremely popular among females in Japan and Asia. Now, they are becoming more and more widely used in the Western countries. The bags come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from animals to food and extremely abstract patterns and silhouettes. Not to mention, it looks great in photography! What a way to make a statement than by showing your personality through your accessories, right? And the best part is: you don’t have to work hard for it!

(images from web-japan)

As seen by Seoul Fashion Week, and even a little in New York, these bags are making a wave across the world of fashion. Basic outfits in solid colors can easily be altered into something more colorful just by adding a statement handbag. They are usually not your everyday solid color or print either. With fun shapes from everything to anything, it can be very eye-catching. As humans, we are drawn to interesting and unique looking things. So the first thing we will see in an outfit would be any pops of color coming from it first. Try looking at the image below from Seoul fashion Week. You noticed the Coco Cola miniature purses first, didn’t you?

(image from

I myself own an original Laguna Moon cat clutch, and it makes a world of a difference to any outfit. It’s cute, but in clutch form, it adds and air of sophistication. The gold straps give it a high quality appearance. Below is an image of the Malasian blogger, cheesie, posing with her cat clutch at a formal event. You can see what I mean in terms of how versatile it works. It can be playful at the same time.

These bags can appeal to any style tribe, but mostly towards ones who are not afraid to put themselves out there. At any age, you can amp up the intensity level of how creative the bags are according to your taste. It also doesn’t have to be something that you can see from a mile away! As long as you yourself find it interesting, and it’s out of the ordinary for a noraml handbag (meaning it doesn’t look like your everyday bag), then it’s worthy of being a statement bag.

What fun bag would you like to experiment with from Romwe? is an excellent website to shop on when you want to look for something that cannot be easily found in other clothing and accessories stores. Their handbags and clutches are affordable and unique, fitting perfectly with the statement handbag trend.

Let me know in the comments below!


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