Sakura in Style

Nothing screams “spring awakening” than the Japanese cherry blossoms. Their arrival is long anticipated, but their time is short. Having fashion pieces, accessories, cosmetics, and cherry blossom infused hair and skin care can allow cherry blossoms to continue to stay around, even when spring is over. If you are looking for a much needed revamp in your closet, or want to add something new to your outfits, read on more after the break to see what can brighten up your wardrobe!

Sakura in Style

The essence of sakura can be expressed in many different ways, such as in color, print or infusion in your beauty products. Wearing light, airy pinks and layering them with white and peachy-nude bases can add a touch of femininity and dimension to your look. Cherry blossoms are delicate, so you do not want to wear thick pieces or anything with a lot of texture. Stay with flowy fabrics. Sheerer pieces can also help to add more depth as well.  If you do want some texture, try embroidered fabrics. They won’t look or feel too harsh, but more dainty and delicate. A true sakura printed garment can make any basic outfit look perfectly pulled together. Whether the print is on a top or bottom, or even a one piece, you will look radiantly fresh.

To complete the look, stay away from heavy makeup. Yes, makeup can look light and natural if applied with the right techniques. For face makeup, I would highly suggest investing in a Beauty Blender. It blends your makeup in flawlessly with no harsh lines or patchiness. Did I mention that it is also pink? The eyes and blusher should be kept natural; nothing over the top. Adding a pink or peach base for eyeshadow enhances the color put on top, giving it a warmer tone. For daytime, stick with brown eyeliner, and for nighttime events, go for a blacked winged eyeliner look. Applying a rose gold highlighter will instantly add a luminous, innocent glow. For the lips, nudes and shades of pink, salmon, or coral will wrap up the makeup look together.

If you are not wanting to permanently dye your hair a sakura pink, temporary hair dyes/sprays and hair extensions can make all the difference. Any way you choose to style your hair, be it in an updo, straightened, wavy or curly, or even with charms and cherry blossom inspired accessories, your look will scream feminine.

How will you go about with cherry blossom season? If you are going to any events or putting together a sakura inspired outfit, let me know in the comments!


6 thoughts on “Sakura in Style

  1. I am absolutely in love with this! I think Japanese Cherry Blossoms are absolutely gorgeous and I like how you used them for inspiration for these garments. I think you chose a great variety of clothing and beautiful shades of pink. I also think its great that you added hair, make, and accessories so that your readers can create full head to toe looks. I think I am so attracted to this because it just fits my personal style so well. I would probably wear all these clothes! Great Job!


  2. I love the way you took the cherry blossoms and completely translated their soft and feminine qualities into clothing. I think all of the colors you used are perfect for the spring and summer, and also create a unique alternative to the more vibrant pastels. I also think the way you incorporated hair, makeup, and accessories into the post completely solidifies your vision.


  3. I love Japanese cherry blossoms, I think they are so delicate and so beautiful which is exactly how you portrayed it in your storyboard. I love the use of florals and pinks. The floral patterns and floral accessories is elegant and beautiful. I think the color pink is such a sophisticated way of using pink that does not come off childish.


  4. Your story board is amazing. I think you really captured the texture and feeling of these Japanese cherry blossoms. With the arrival of Spring, we definitely see them everywhere and admire them for their beauty. The garments you chose on your story board represent these feminine, delicate and beautiful qualities. I like how you included make-up and hair because it allows one to envision a complete look with these cherry blossoms as inspiration.


  5. Omg!I am in love with the pinkish colours and the Japanese cherry blossoms’ items.Temporary hair dyes/sprays and hair extensions are good ways we can integrated these pinkish colours into our personal style. Good job!


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