♥ Love Lolita ♥

Lolita fashion consists of Victorian inspired frilly dresses, ranging from innocent white to the darkest black, depending on whether the personality is Princess, Gothic, or anything else. Bloomers and knee-high socks are commonly worn, and when topped off with a coat, the overall look displays girliness and youthfulness.

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Crazy Bag Lady

Since Laguna Moon’s cat clutch, cute statement bags in all shapes and sizes have become extremely popular among females in Japan and Asia. Now, they are becoming more and more widely used in the Western countries. The bags come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from animals to food and extremely abstract patterns and silhouettes. Not to mention, it looks great in photography! What a way to make a statement than by showing your personality through your accessories, right? And the best part is: you don’t have to work hard for it!

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Sakura in Style

Nothing screams “spring awakening” than the Japanese cherry blossoms. Their arrival is long anticipated, but their time is short. Having fashion pieces, accessories, cosmetics, and cherry blossom infused hair and skin care can allow cherry blossoms to continue to stay around, even when spring is over. If you are looking for a much needed revamp in your closet, or want to add something new to your outfits, read on more after the break to see what can brighten up your wardrobe!

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The Viking Look

Okay, I know I’m not the only one who switches the TV on to ‘Vikings’ every Thursday night and see how much of a potato I am compared to Lagertha. I mean, come on! She’s the ex-wife of King Ragnar, a shield maiden and an earl. She is also a strong mother with killer style. Literally. For those of us who are not as lucky to pull off a feminine and intimidating look, let’s put together an affordable look that can give us that edge; the Viking Look.

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March 2015 Favorites

Is it really the end of March already? Time flies! But my love for makeup never ends, so read more after the jump to see what I loved using the most this month. Continue reading