Blooming Sneakers for Spring

Blooming Sneakers - Spring

If you haven’t had the time to update your wardrobe for the spring season, don’t fret! Making a few modifications here and there will do just the trick. The most compromising move would be revamping your footwear. Add a fresh feel to your entire look by slipping on a pair of comfortable floral sneakers! They add both functionality and style. Depending on your mood, you can go for something nude and subtle, with dark washes of color. If you are feeling it, you can even go bright with brilliant pops of color. For an extra boldness, pair your floral footwear with colorful socks! That’s sure to turn some heads.

Wearing darker hued floral sneakers work well with dark washes of denim, black pants, or even a black skirt for a seemingly polished look – almost going for that touch of vintage feel. But if that’s not your thing, you can always achieve the girl next door look by pairing a light colored pair with light denim, whites, pastels and fun colors. The best part is that you can create simple looks to trendy and stylish ones.


6 thoughts on “Blooming Sneakers for Spring

  1. I love how you decided to go with bright coloured sneakers instead of the classic white. I know both are and will be huge this coming spring/summer. The assortment of shoes shown gives us a good idea of what styles of floral are out there and i think it would be a great pop to a simple outfit.


  2. I love the idea of incorporated floral footwear to your everyday fashion to bring in the essence of spring into your wardrobe, even if it still is 40 degrees outside. I am really fond of floral sneakers, I have some myself, and i love pairing them with casual and a little dressier items to give it that bold statement.


  3. I love this trend, and I feel like its such an easy way to have a statement piece to your outfit. Literally you could wear solid black and floral sneakers and still look like you spent a ton of time on your outfit!


  4. I really love this look because one I’m a huge sneaker fanatic and two you are so right you could style these in so many ways especially with just a simple outfit just to give it that perfect pop. Comfy and chic.


  5. Karenine! I really enjoy that you have found a trend in the slip-ons and sneakers. I think florals are a big trend as they are usually in the spring and summer seasons. I think it is a great purchase if I want to incorporate spring styles in my wardrobe right now. I think it would be great to have floral sneakers in my closet.


  6. Floral sneakers, and print sneakers in general, are very appealing to someone who likes prints in small quantities. I personally don’t wear much color or prints, but when it comes to shoes I’m more likely to stray from my usual tendencies. I feel that because shoes are below eye level, and are generally small (depending on your shoe size ;] ) the brighter colored shoes or printed shoes look really good, and make your outfit more interesting.


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