Blushing Nudes; Affordable Spring Look

Blushing Nudes
With warm weather right around the corner, who can stay gloomy for long? It’s time to say goodbye to dreary, dark shades and move onto the brighter side of things. And if you’re not all that comfortable with jumping right into colors, different shades of nude is the way to go.
If you’ve been itching to break out your dresses to celebrate the season, I recommend anything with neutral tones. It will brighten up your complexion and make you look radiant and fresh. Since we do not want everything to be completely understated, adding a hint of rose gold or metallic shades can really make you look glam. Pairing a flowy dress with metallic flats or loafers can give you a girly, playful look that doesn’t seem heavy or too over-the-top.
Lastly, accessories! They can make or break your look, so be cautious not to overdo it. A soft, creamy colored quilted crossbody bag will emphasize on giving your outfit that overall effortless, natural, and glam look. Also, try avoiding large or ultra dangle-y earrings and chunky pieces of jewelry altogether, as they can overwhelm the look. You don’t want to seem like you’re trying too hard, right? Instead, opt for a pair of pretty studs. In addition, a flowing, light scarf or small necklace will complete your look.
As with apparel and accessories, your makeup should compliment the nude and rosy shades. Try using creamy shades, soft taupes, and rose gold. Since the overall look is light and natural, stick to brown mascara and false lashes, if needed. For the lip you can skip heavy lipstick and go for a hydrated lip balm and nude pink lip gloss for the ultimate, plush pout.

4 thoughts on “Blushing Nudes; Affordable Spring Look

  1. Your description of how to pull of the blushing nudes trend was very descriptive and helpful. I love when blogs possess real content instead of merely visuals. This post makes me dream of the warm spring days we have ahead of us! I love how girly and almost goddess-like the nude accessorized with gold feels. Great post!


  2. I love how you play on the up and coming blush color throughout the entire outfit. I’ve started seeing this color in many different retailers including men’s fashion. The color also pairs nicely with the rose gold accessories you chose!


  3. I love the color theme throughout your story board, I think it such a great color for spring. I also really enjoy the gold accessories, I think they add a great edge to the whole look.


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