Color Your World

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Recently, I’ve had the opportunity to collaborate with a few of my classmates to create the mood board, as seen above. Inspired by Andy Warhol, we leafed through magazines, hoping to find something to satisfy our hunger for color. From simple styles with basic solid colors to more intense patterns, vivid makeup looks and hair ideas, our plain black foam board was bound to be splashed with delicious reds, blues, and yellows.

Love a colorful look? Read more to find out how you can incorporate this inspiration into your daily style routine!

Emphasize on the Eyes

Andy Warhol - Eyes

Play it safe by just emphasizing color on the eyes. Use a bright pop of color on the lids, such as a loud cobalt blue, a red hot red, or a zesty tangerine. If you still don’t feel comfortable by rocking a full on eyeshadow look, play around with bright colored mascara or eyeliner. And if color isn’t your thing, outline the eyes with artistic, geometric eyeliner patterns. It’s sure to turn heads and give you an edgy look. Even while wearing a wardrobe of basic, neutral colors, your eyes will definitely give a pop of life into your coordinate.

Bold Lippy

Andy Warhol - Lips

While paired with a colorful eye look or even with edgy eyeliner, a bold lip will never stop being the center of attention. From different shades of pinks, red, oranges, to the statement black, blues, purples and other colors, you can rock out a shade to your liking and feel confident in your own skin. Break free from nude and natural, go for bold! This look screams trendy and daring. Don’t be afraid to experiment with a wide array of colors to see what works for you!

Full Out Peacock

Three different looks for three levels of intended intensity.

Andy Warhol - Outfits

Not for the faint of heart, the full out peacock rocks colors from head to toe. You guessed it, colored hair (or hair extensions or highlights), vivid colors on the eyes, lips, and face, and a colorful arrangement of apparel and accessories from top to bottom. You can never go wrong with wild primary colors. Not only will bright color combinations enhance your confidence , but you will have all eyes on you. As winter’s end is approaching, why not add some fun into your black and white wardrobe?

How do you wear your color?


3 thoughts on “Color Your World

  1. Karenine, I really like the way you showed off your off-figure styling. I think that although we did it somewhat differently, you captured the storyboard really well. I enjoy the large range of beauty that you included.


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