Blooming Sneakers for Spring

Blooming Sneakers - Spring

If you haven’t had the time to update your wardrobe for the spring season, don’t fret! Making a few modifications here and there will do just the trick. The most compromising move would be revamping your footwear. Add a fresh feel to your entire look by slipping on a pair of comfortable floral sneakers! They add both functionality and style. Depending on your mood, you can go for something nude and subtle, with dark washes of color. If you are feeling it, you can even go bright with brilliant pops of color. For an extra boldness, pair your floral footwear with colorful socks! That’s sure to turn some heads.

Wearing darker hued floral sneakers work well with dark washes of denim, black pants, or even a black skirt for a seemingly polished look – almost going for that touch of vintage feel. But if that’s not your thing, you can always achieve the girl next door look by pairing a light colored pair with light denim, whites, pastels and fun colors. The best part is that you can create simple looks to trendy and stylish ones.

Blushing Nudes; Affordable Spring Look

Blushing Nudes
With warm weather right around the corner, who can stay gloomy for long? It’s time to say goodbye to dreary, dark shades and move onto the brighter side of things. And if you’re not all that comfortable with jumping right into colors, different shades of nude is the way to go.
If you’ve been itching to break out your dresses to celebrate the season, I recommend anything with neutral tones. It will brighten up your complexion and make you look radiant and fresh. Since we do not want everything to be completely understated, adding a hint of rose gold or metallic shades can really make you look glam. Pairing a flowy dress with metallic flats or loafers can give you a girly, playful look that doesn’t seem heavy or too over-the-top.
Lastly, accessories! They can make or break your look, so be cautious not to overdo it. A soft, creamy colored quilted crossbody bag will emphasize on giving your outfit that overall effortless, natural, and glam look. Also, try avoiding large or ultra dangle-y earrings and chunky pieces of jewelry altogether, as they can overwhelm the look. You don’t want to seem like you’re trying too hard, right? Instead, opt for a pair of pretty studs. In addition, a flowing, light scarf or small necklace will complete your look.
As with apparel and accessories, your makeup should compliment the nude and rosy shades. Try using creamy shades, soft taupes, and rose gold. Since the overall look is light and natural, stick to brown mascara and false lashes, if needed. For the lip you can skip heavy lipstick and go for a hydrated lip balm and nude pink lip gloss for the ultimate, plush pout.

Color Your World

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Recently, I’ve had the opportunity to collaborate with a few of my classmates to create the mood board, as seen above. Inspired by Andy Warhol, we leafed through magazines, hoping to find something to satisfy our hunger for color. From simple styles with basic solid colors to more intense patterns, vivid makeup looks and hair ideas, our plain black foam board was bound to be splashed with delicious reds, blues, and yellows.

Love a colorful look? Read more to find out how you can incorporate this inspiration into your daily style routine!

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e.l.f. Skincare; First Impressions & Review

Finally! I feel like a little kid during Christmastime, in front of the mounds of presents. But first things first, doesn’t the packaging kind of remind you of Dior’s Hydra Life line? The powdery baby blue, transparency and opaqueness.. yes? Or is it just me?

But oh well, let’s get into it!

Daily Hydration Moisturizer (75mL / 2.53 fl.oz) – $8.00

As if I don’t have enough moisturizers already! But this was too hard to pass up. I’m always looking for something that moisturizes my skin without making it feel like it’s overly greasy and slick. I do have extremely oily skin, so I find it hard to pick out one moisturizer out of the many in the market that can keep my skin feeling hydrated, but also keep my oil at bay. Unfortunately, this doesn’t cater to oil control. But I must say, it’s a nice moisturizer! The scent is light and refreshing, and it has a nice, gel-like consistency. It sinks into the skin and does not leave any greasy film on top. For $8.00, you are getting quite a bit of product, and it also has a pump, which makes it a no-brainer when it comes to cleanliness and travel situations. It’s very lightweight, so you can even mix some into your foundation or BB/CC Creams to create your ideal consistency and coverage.

Illuminating Eye Cream (14g / 0.49oz.) – $12.00

There’s no scent with this one! I may have some sight trouble, but my sense of smell is not to be messed with. There really is no scent (if at all, it must be really, reallllly light) to this product. At first glance, you would think that with that size, it’s a moisturizer or a night cream. It’s almost equivalent to one of those Olay moisturizer jars. So that’s a nice amount of eye cream!

When applied around the eye area, I do feel a slight cooling & tingling sensation. It makes the area under my eyes feel a little more plump and less heavy, if that makes sense. It works well enough on its own or under/over a moisturizer, being as it is not sticky or greasy. On my oily eyes and skin, I find that there is just enough moisture. But for drier eyes, I cannot speak for them.

So are these product revolutionary and you NEED them? Absolutely not. But if you are someone that likes trying new things, they are definitely very affordable and do as they promise.

End of Winter? Fur-get About It!

That’s right winter is finally coming to a close (or should be coming to a close). But does that mean we should all ditch our warm fur accessories for lace and frills? Absolutely not! I don’t know about you, but it’s March, and I highly doubt that it’s going to warm up anytime soon. Some of us need that little extra ‘unf‘ of something to make up for the lack of colors that we wear during winter. Yes, I mean black, black, and more black.

So why not take advantage of this transition season that we are doomed to be in? Add a touch of fur -or even faux fur- to your wardrobe. Not only will it keep you warm, but it will give you that added glam and spark up some life to your outfits.

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Photos courtesy of WhispersFromAccrosstheWaters for a group project.