Shu Uemura Foundation, Powder & UV Under Base REVIEW

Small Shu Uemura haul from my summer 2014 Vietnam trip! Overall, things were priced accordingly, since Shu Uemura is on the higher end of the makeup spectrum. Sadly, Shu Uemura is not available at counters anymore in the United States, but there is still the website. I find that the selection is very limited and does not offer everything that the Shu Uemura range is known best for.

Most things were quite impressive, especially the face products. Now onto the reviews!


Shu Uemura UV Under Base in BB Mousse (special, limited edition packaging!)


I am still learning Japanese myself, so it will take me ages to translate this. But this is basically a makeup base that has SPF30 PA+++. It is a BB cream color in a light, airy mousse texture that is meant to cover some imperfections, protect you from UV rays, even out the skin tone, and provide a natural and bright coverage. It can be worn alone or under makeup as well. This ran for about $38.00 USD from Vietnam, and can be found for around that price online.


You just shake the bottle a few times (hard, vigorously), and there is a small metal ball object inside to help mix the product together. The product comes out in a large amount if you do not control how much pressure you apply to the pump, so I recommend you do it lightly to get a small amount of product at first, and then apply more as needed to ensure that the product will not go to waste. I like applying this to my face using my fingers, but a brush or sponge works as well.


The swatch on the top is slightly blended, and on the bottom is fresh out from the pump. As you can see, it is a bit bright in color. It will suit most light to light medium skin tones with neutral or yellow undertones. Shu Uemura also makes different colored bases, such as peach/pink or green, so you can find one that matches your skintone and needs properly.

I would have to say that this wears quite nicely on my very oily skin, and works really well at concealing some pores and minor imperfections (such as some scars, hyperpigmentation, etc.). If you have perfect skin, or just want that natural look, then you can wear the base by itself. Otherwise, it is great under a variety of foundations as well.

For some days when I am in a rush, I like to apply this base on my cheeks, nose, forehead, and chin to brighten up my face, and go in with my Revlon ColorStay stick concealer to touch up anything that needs a bit more coverage. Finish with powder, and my base makeup is set to go!

Speaking of face powder….


I am really enjoying this Dual Fit Pressed Powder in the color Beige. It is a pressed powder that comes with an all-over the face color, and a smaller section in the pan that is a bit lighter to powder those areas that you want to brighten, or highlight.

The powder sells for about $35.00, and the case for around $8.00. Both are sold separately. The case that I currently have is the limited edition MIKA for Shu, but normally, it comes in a black compact case.


It comes with a super soft brush, perfect for on the go touch ups. There is a black plastic lid that protects the powder and holds the brush. Very hygienic!


This powder only comes in two colors: Beige and another one that is light purple and lavender. I find that this offers more of a natural looking coverage that can be used anytime, while the purple is more for brightening the skin.


The powder is light in color, most suitable for light to light medium, and maybe even medium skintones.


Top is unblended swatch of the lighter portion of powder, and the bottom is the unblended larger portion. Both are matte and control oil very nicely.

With my oily skin, I still need to touch up during the day, but I find that my makeup does not budge or come off with this powder. It sets the makeup nicely and blends into the skin in the most natural way.

I really like it! Plus, the packaging is super stylish and convenient to just put into my purse.

Shu Uemura The Lightbulb Foundation


As a new and popular foundation, this one does exactly what it claims! For nearly $55.00 USD, The Lightbulb foundation offers light but buildable coverage that looks natural and makes the skin brighter and more radiant. When used with the Lightbulb sponge (comes with the foundation), you can create a nice “glow” with the top or bottom parts of the sponge. Pretty neat!


You get 27mL of product, and mine is in the color 774 Light Beige. The color range is not that wide, mostly consisting of shades for Fair skintones to Medium.


The foundation comes with a pump, which I like.


On top is the blended swatch, and on the bottom us unblended, right out of the pump. I find that a little goes a long way.

When using the sponge, I tend to use a little more product, but the results are so good! I apply the foundation first onto the back of my hand, take the sponge, and use it to blend the foundation onto my face with the bottom side. It gives a nice, dewy finish with NO shimmer, representing a healthy, lit from within glow. To control the glow, simply just use the smaller part of the sponge to dab along areas to reduce some “shine”.

With a brush, it applies like a regular foundation, and you can also use the sponge to create and reduce glow properties.

Overall, I like this foundation! I am a big fan of liquids, especially ones that wear long on my oily skin. This stays put with a nice setting powder, and does not slide off or oxidize. The scent is fresh, and so is the color! It gives me a healthy glow, even when powder is used on top to set it.


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