Etude House Face Conditioning Cream REVIEW

I am always on the look out for products that have multi functions! I got my hands on this Etude House Face Condition Cream that claims to be a moisturizer with whitening, anti-aging, oil balancing, sunscreen with SPF25 PA++, makeup base and primer all in one! Whoa! But does it live up to its standards? Let’s take a look!


Right off the bat, I like the packaging! It’s probably not a good trait of mine to buy products because of the package, but it was too cute not to resist! Not only that, but it has good functions too, right? So I’m not in the wrong here!


The box and product exterior has details and instructions written in Korean, explaining what it does, how to apply, use, etc.


It is housed in a squeeze tube with 75g of product. For $12.00, this was the full size, and it comes in a smaller size as well. This is the original formula, but there is another in a pink packaging instead of blue that is “light”, meaning that it is not as rich as this one, suited for more sensitive and oily, problematic skins.


As first swatch, it is rather like a thick cream. Fortunately, it is tolerable on my oily skin and blends into seamlessly. I thought that it would feel more like those silicone primers, but surprisingly, it was a cream type that still felt a little tacky when blended in. It wasn’t an uncomfortable feeling, but it did not make me feel like my skincare routine was finished.

I usually apply this after toner and my SK-II essence with my fingers and blend everything all in. Because of how tacky it was, I played it safe and layered a makeup base over it to ensure that my makeup stays on longer. Without the additional primer, I would get even more oily and have to blot more. As far as for whitening, anti-aging, oil control properties, I find it to be “meh”. It basically is just a moisturizer that you put on in a rush in the morning, or if you don’t have time to complete your skincare routine. It is also a nice tolerable sunscreen that does not leave a white cast on your face.

Overally, it’s nice to have this to reach for on lazy and rush days. But as for all those things it claims? Not so much!


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